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Employment Functional Testing

Assess Workers Ability to Meet Job Demand

When you hire employees capable of meeting the physical demands of their jobs, you expect that injury rates and related costs will go down—but the benefits don’t end there. Improving employee-job fi t also improves employee retention, reduces lost time, lowers health
care costs, and decreases accident rates. As the pioneer in science-based, medically-safe, and legally-compliant assessment programs, WorkSTEPS can help you make well-informed, objective and legally-defensible employment decisions so your next hire is a smart hire.​​

Ensure Health, Safety & Compliance

Employee health and safety is about more than compliance. It’s about sending employees home safe every night, protecting the reputation of your company, and reducing the impact of injuries to productivity, quality, and bottom line. Commitment to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is also a competitive advantage. With WorkSTEPS services, you can be certain that your organization is compliant and has a partner committed to helping you reduce risk and cost, build a culture of health and safety, and improve workforce productivity.​

Manage Injuries & Return to Work

If your return-to-work process is not strategically managed, injuries are often misdiagnosed, expectations for when an employee can safely return to work will typically rely on population-based estimates rather than patient data, ineffi  cient scheduling will delay important diagnosis and treatment decisions, and care fragmentation will waste time and money. WorkSTEPS can work with you to determine your return to work strategy. We have the people and processes needed to advocate for your employees throughout the recovery process and the systems and proprietary software needed to do it consistently and compliantly.

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