Balanced PT is a Certified Worksteps Provider

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WorkSTEPS, Inc. is the nation’s leading provider of functional employment testing. Our tests are medically-safe, legally compliant, scientific and objective, and specifically-designed to match a worker’s functional capabilities with the essential functions of the job. Our trained, licensed, certified and managed national network of healthcare clinicians administers WorkSTEPS’ proprietary employment testing at locations across North America. Standardized programming, training, exceptionally talented staff and state of the art technology systems make our program the best in the nation!

 The WorkSTEPS program has become a critical part of an organized and systematic business model that is automated, validated, measurable, and offers a predictable return on investment. Companies that begin using WorkSTEPS experience significant and immediate results – typically a 40-to-50 percent reduction in Workers’ Compensation claims and related costs over the previous year, with continued reductions thereafter.

Employers that begin utilizing the WorkSTEPS program experience the following benefits:

  • Decreased turnover

  • Increased worker productivity

  • Safer work environment

  • Reductions in lost time

  • Diminished incidence of fraud and abuse

  • Reduced modifier rates and Workers’ Compensation premium

  • Reduction in Group Health costs

WorkSTEPS’ content-valid functional employment testing includes pre-employment post-offer testing, post-employment fit-for-duty testing, upper quadrant/carpal tunnel testing, return-to-work fit-for-duty, and functional capacity evaluations (FCE) post-injury. We have performed millions of functional employment tests since the company was fully-incorporated in 1994.

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