Jamel Esch, PT, TPI-CGFI , has been qualified as a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor and Advanced Medical 2 provider by Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). TPI is a PGA and LPGA approved, golf-specific training program that has developed a physical screen to identify physical limitations that may be contributing to swing flaws, injuries, and higher scores. Our Golf Fitness Program will evaluate upper/lower body flexibility, posture, core stability, balance, and golf specific mobility. Based on the results of the TPI screen, we can develop an individualized exercise program to address each client’s physical limitations that may be affecting the golf swing and/or risk for injury.

What is Golf Rehabilitation?

Every golfer has their own swing.
But no matter how good the equipment is or how good the instruction is, a golfer can only do what they are physically capable of doing. A golf movement screen can determine what physical limitations are causing your swing problems.

Combined with a thorough physical examination and exercise routine, we can prevent injury, rehabilitate an injury, or improve your game performance. Lose the pain that keeps you from your game.

Golfers of all ages and skill levels can participate in the golf physical therapy program. Golfers will be assessed on their overall functional movement by going through a series of mobility and stability movements designed to grade, record and analyze the body’s movement. The total picture of your body and swing are assessed to help optimize your personal performance and minimize pain and risk of future injury.

You will also receive a personal assessment sheet with recommendations and golf specific exercises, plus tips for correct posture in other areas of golf, such as when carrying clubs.

What are the Benefits?

Whether you are a novice golfer, weekend golfer or a professional, our golf physical therapy rehab program works for you. Benefits to this unique program include:

  • Identify physical limitations contributing to different swing characteristics

  • Maximize lessons with golf pro by developing a swing pattern that works within your limitations

  • Minimize risk of injury / recover more easily from injury

  • Improve balance between stability and mobility required for the golf swing



Program highlights

Initial evaluation (60 minutes)

  • Brief health screening

  • 16-step TPI biomechanical screen

  • Customized home exercise program based on your physical limitations

Training Session (60 minutes)

  • One on one review of exercises with licensed physical therapist to maximize benefit from exercise

  • Supplement exercises with manual procedures (if necessary)

  • Instruct in self soft tissue mobilization techniques


Re-evaluation as needed (45 minutes)

  • Repeat of 16-step TPI biomechanical screen

  • Review and update home exercises as necessary

What is done at the first visit?
The first visit will include the golf movement screen, a physical therapy evaluation, and a 2D golf swing analysis. We will also instruct you in a home exercise program to start you on your way. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a 5 or 6 iron if possible.


How do I sign up?
Call and schedule an appointment with our clinic. You do not need a prescription to start.

How many visits will I need?
The number of visits and frequency depends on the findings at the first visit, but because of our one-on-one 60-minute sessions, we can help you accomplish your goals quicker than other clinics.


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